We can professionally service your home's dryer venting!

Are your laundry loads taking longer to dry properly? There could be a hidden fire danger and overdue maintenance!

It’s important to have your dryer vents cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of lint build up causing a house fire when you use your dryer, make your clothes dry faster, and prolong the life of the appliance. If you’re in the habit of leaving the house while your dryer is running, this service is even more important since you may not be home if a fire starts.

Proper dryer vent cleaning is extremely important to the well-being of your home and appliances. Not only will you be wasting energy if lint is not cleared out of the dryer vent, but your clothes will take longer to dry and your machine will have an increased chance of breakdown.

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Summerville Dryer Vent Cleaning - Flowertown Chimney Service

We Can Help!

We can handle your dryer vent cleaning needs for any residential property. Our team is fully equipped to provide a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning service for all brands of dryers including gas, electric and high-efficiency machines.

  • All appliance brands
  • Lint clean up after service
  • Check air flow before and after service
  • We make sure all lint is out of your vents

Absolutely! This is one of the aspects of appliance use that is often overlooked but lint build up in your vents poses a serious fire risk, makes your clothes take longer to dry, and puts extra stress on your appliance which means higher utility bills and a higher chance of equipment breakdown.

Most customers don’t need to do anything special to prepare for this service other than making sure we have easy access to your dryer and vent locations.

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We are a family owned business that understands the importance of regular fireplace, chimney and dryer vent maintenance to ensure your family is safe and comfortable.