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At Flowertown Gas Fireplace and Chimney Service, we strive to offer our customers the best maintenance service, new product installation, and repair services possible. We are proud to represent well-known brands that produce high-quality maintenance products and hearth appliances that will last for years to come.

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Gas Logs Service

It’s important to have your gas fireplace, gas insert, or gas logs inspected and serviced yearly to ensure they are in safe operating condition.

Summerville Gas Logs Service - Flowertown Gas Fireplace & Chimney Service

Gas Hearth Appliance Service

Gas hearth appliances should be serviced yearly. We will clean, service, and inspect your gas hearth appliance and make repairs if needed. 

If you see black sooting on your logs or they do not appear to be burning cleanly, they should be shut down and a gas log service scheduled. The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, recommends gas logs be serviced yearly by a certified gas specialist of the National Fireplace Institute, NFI.

Safety and appliance reliability are the two main reasons. Following the manufacturer’s requirement to have the system annually inspected and serviced by an NFI certified gas specialist is also very important. If the appliance is not adjusted properly, or has developed other problems, there is a potential for producing deadly carbon monoxide gas. This gas is odorless and take special equipment to detect. Gas leaks are another potential hazard. Gas used in home heating systems do have an odor added to help detect leaks. This is described as the rotten egg smell. Typically, this is only detected by smell with a significant gas leak. Improper venting could also be a serious problem in a gas hearth system. Inspection of the venting is an important part of the gas appliance service. This includes inspection of the chimney system and fireplace where the appliance is installed. Built-in gas fireplaces also have a venting system that needs to be inspected.

Vent-free systems are essentially house vented. It is critical that these appliances are burning properly and serviced properly. Opening a window for some fresh air movement into the home is recommended with vent-free appliances. There are code standards that only allow this type of appliance when certain conditions are met. Inspection of the area where a vent-free hearth appliance is installed is highly recommended. 

Often homeowners are unclear as to the type of fireplace or appliance and its proper use. Your certified chimney sweep and gas hearth expert is a wealth of knowledge. Part of our job is to provide the homeowner with the knowledge they need to understand the appliance or fireplace system they have and its proper use. 

This is your opportunity to have any questions answered. We are happy to help. This is, after all, part of our job, and we love to do it.

What if a homeowner would like to change fuel type and the usage of the fireplace?
Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and depending on personal preferences and desired use, we can offer a recommendation. This process must start with an inspection to understand the condition of the system and base line for what the options may be.
We can help with this and offer fuel conversions of fireplaces, when feasible.